Jumping Ship


In the lead up to yesterday’s elections, I realized how little I actually cared about the outcome of the presidential election.

I still consider Barack Obama to be one of the worst Presidents we’ve ever had.  If nothing else, he has a tendency to stoop to actions (e.g., “subtly” flipping off his political opponents) that play well with younger voters but demean the seriousness of the office he’s in.  I just couldn’t see voting for Romney as anything but a distinction without difference.

In all the areas that matter, politically, the Republicans have swung leftward, becoming Democrat Lite.  In the areas that matter spiritually, culturally, and morally (e.g., the areas where the government has no business), the Republican Party tries to cling to its base.  This allows the Democrats to paint every Republican policy with the same “conservative extremist” brush. This is how the Tea Parties, devoted to a strict adherence to the Constitution and fiscal responsibility, somehow got painted as extremist conservatives, when their policies should have been fairly non-controversial (for everyone outside of the Beltway).

I’m not registered as a Republican, but I have voted for them quite often in the past because their policies in the areas where the government actually has a legitimate concern, by and large, are slightly better than the Democratic policies.  As of today, I’m done with the Republican party.  This is not because of the loss in yesterday’s election, but rather because I realized that I didn’t care about that loss.  I may still vote for individual Republican candidates, but only if they can prove to me that they’re actually better than the alternatives – even those from a third party.

All that said, I’m relaunching my blog.  I’ll be discussing issues in general, and try to focus more on local elections and their impacts.  We’ll see how long this lasts (I haven’t had a good track record with blogging lately)

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